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  • How many people are homeless in Kings County?
    There are 305 people experiencing homelessness. 233 live in the City of Hanford Source: Kings Tulare Homeless Alliance 2020 Point in Time Report
  • Who are the people experiencing homelessness in Kings County?
    54% are Men 46% are Women 24% with Children 76% without Children 28 people are Veterans 95 people have a disability 18 are unaccompanied Youth Source: Kings Tulare Homeless Alliance 2020 Point in Time
  • Why does a person become homeless?
    People become homeless for a variety of reasons: Poverty Lack of affordable housing Physical/mental illness or disability Substance abuse Job loss or decline in income Domestic violence and abuse Unemployment Prison release Downturn in the economy Changes and cuts in public assistance programs Family deterioration/abandonment Years of institutional living (mental health, drug treatment, prison, foster care, etc.)
  • Do the men and women who stay at Kings Gospel Mission and the Lighthouse Rescue Mission have to work?
    Yes, they can stay with us for 5 nights and then they are required to work at one of the following: Women – Thrift Processing Men – Drop-offs/Pick-ups, Housing Repairs, Alley Cleaning, Downtown Pressure Washing Crew, or at one of our Recycling Centers.
  • California spent $ and the problem has increased, why?"
    First, there are some very good solutions which are working and some very good people working hard on the problem. However, there are more ineffective in inefficeint solutions which are eating up the dollar. The best I can do, is give you links to research: 1. Average Cost of Affordable Housing per door: $350,000 in the Central Valley (Source: 2. Community Design-Shelters are poverty, Houses are dignity. 3.
  • How are Pocket Courtyard Communities Different?
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