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Affordable Housing should be affordable. Not Market Rate. $460,000 is not doing it.

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Dave's Impact BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front): What if you could create turnkey properties, in a courtyard setting. Where people are known by name and supported and they love being there. And then do it for $130-140k a door. It is happening RIGHT NOW through Pre-Fab Innovations.

$460,000 per door average in California, $350,000 in the Central Valley. Just look at market rate listings, the average affordable home is higher than market rate on entry level homes. What causes this? Complication. Layers. Impact Fees. Environmental reviews. Sprinklers in each house. Over-reaching building codes. Landscaping Architect stamps. Really?

Instead, many places are turning to landlord mitigation funds. Convince landlords that they will be covered should damages occur. And they will occur. Take people out of a community and in one apartment, where they are the outsider and bad behavior seemingly ensues. Often. But hey landlord, we have a couple of thousand for you in case that happens.

Surprisingly, not very many sign up. Surprisingly, our homeless population is growing. What would do if you lost your home? Where would you go if you had nowhere else to turn? It is not just a drug/alcohol problem anymore.

We are changing the tune. Learn more here:

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