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  • Dave Clevenger

Are you moving to the next level?

Everyone gets excited by an opportunity to further reach their potential. For those of us who have achieved so much, our role will shift to creating opportunities for those who are stuck without the same opportunities.

I have had a rich experience. I was not born into it. I had help along the way. In fact I grew-up in lower town Clarkdale. Clarkdale was a factory-town. Up town was the managers area (the haves) and lower town was the worker housing (the have-nots).

However, I was afforded opportunities to leave this. Naval Officer, Marine Corps Corpsman, Master's Degree, CEO/founder of Missions and Businesses, Real Estate Investor and more. My point is that I have experiences which are both hard and easy, poor and rich; I have failed and succeeded. I am not done yet! But I always had help and opportunity to achieve more!

Yet this is the thing, now I get opportunities easily and every time I use the opportunity to earn/create/innovate, I bring more people with me. And now they get opportunities to fail and succeed. Opportunities to grow, instead of being stuck. I have always loved the excitement of an opportunity to do something new and now I get to double my excitement by seeing someone else get a new opportunity too.

So the shift, my friend, which some of you have been blessed to consider, becomes our new excitement to see opportunities grow for others, because we are successful at achieving ours. Is this our duty now?

Who you will create an exciting opportunity for today?

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