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  • Dave Clevenger

Everyone has a narrative – can it change?

Dave's Impact BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front): We are all talking to ourselves about something. Change the narrative, change your life.

Since we are all talking to ourselves about something, what are you talking about? Are you negative or positive? Optimistic about circumstances or pessimistic? Fearful or Empowered?

In my work with the homeless and other folks who are on the margins, I have noticed that when the opportunity to change the narrative, internally, becomes a reality inside the persons voice, supported by people who are reminding them to change the narrative, lasting transformation happens. I know most people have a negative narrative regarding homelessness. If you lost your livelihood and your existence amounted to an encampment or shelter, what would your narrative become? Or is your narrative, that it would never happen to you? A common misconception, most don’t think it would ever happen! Our narrative would become horrible. We all know how bad it is to lose it all.

To change the negative narrative of homelessness, we need stability, encouragement, and opportunities to change with a group of people supporting you in the journey. The Community Impact Corps approach: Houses, Jobs, Peer-Support Community. Changing the narrative.

More on this here: Video

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