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Its the best word I can use to describe the frustration of being an innovator. I see friction everywhere. And frankly its a wonderful thing to behold, it is a unique gift that only a few of us get to use. Not that it is a special gift, everyone is gifted. But for the innovators - we see friction in some area and are interested in fixing it.

The hard part, the frustration, is starting the solution to the friction you saw and hitting more friction. Frankly, this is the reason you dont have much stick-to-itiveness. Too much friction.

Customers dont like friction either, and I suppose that is my main point or thesis to this short story, if you can see friction in your customer's lives, offer a solution and then persevere when the friction has become warm and sticky, then you will make it. Forget the business stats - business dont fail because of statistics - they fail because the owner stopped looking for ways to beat friction.

You, go beat friction.

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