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Guardrails and Pathways

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Dave's Impact BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front): Instead of rules-based intervention, use guardrail-based intervention. Provide a clear path to success and beauty to those you serve but do so with guardrails that keep them on the path and not fearful of the chasm on their side. Take the focus off the fear, create value for them and the pursuit becomes achievable.

Have you ever driven on a narrow road, a cliff which owns a thousand foot chasm right next to you? On Kaiser Pass road in the High Sierra this metaphor comes to life. You are no doubt on a path to something beautiful. The area is one of the most spectacular places on earth. But the road to get there is a very narrow winding road, with blind curves, opposing traffic (you must back up to a wide spot in order to pass each other), and a thousand foot drop on the side. Failure is ever present and substantial. And the worst part is, there are no guardrails. Guardrails are an interesting thing. Once present, the safety while you pursue beauty increases a hundredfold. In life, the same is true.

Create a draw to healing, not a push. Rules are pushy. Guardrails are safety on a path to a more beautiful location.

#guardrails #Hope

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