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  • Dave Clevenger

Pocket Courtyard Community – People Helping People by design

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Dave's BLUF: An impactful but infrequent design could be the key to changing poverty. Face houses towards each other, keep out cars, create a community atmosphere, people will help people.

This is not an intellectual exercise. It is an example I was blessed to witness not by my own design. I lead a rescue mission, transformation in people’s lives happens here regularly. It is a mix of attributes which enables the change. The MOST compelling part, the part which can be replicated throughout the nation, is the design of the community. Community design creates community dynamics. It is a key principle in architecture.

The rescue mission has 6 buildings; for 3 of them the front faces a busy street. The back, however, is a pocket courtyard. 6 buildings all enter and exit into a courtyard. The people who are currently without homes, staying in shelter, interact with people in a recovery program, interacting with people in long-term room & board. They support each other. They self-police. They all know where to find the one staff member when they need deeper help. The design encourages what God designed all along. We are supposed to be helping each other out.

The people I am blessed to serve are replicating this model. We are innovating.

Learn more here!

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