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Pocket Homes: The non-congregant shelter solution!

Updated: May 6, 2021

There is a growing amount of real-life evidence that project RoomKey and other non-congregating units are successful in many ways. The reasons are many and varied, but mainly – it becomes home. Large shelters are not homes.

At home you can:

1) Leave your stuff when you go out for the day. This has the added benefit of less trash, less theft, less donation needs.

2) Sleep in the same bed. Enough said, you and I get this already! I love my bed and don’t you love yours too?

3) Pets. The best companions for people who experience homelessness. They can now sleep next to bed instead of a kennel!

4) Privacy. Even a shared room has more privacy once friends are placed together.

5) A lot less expensive to run and maintain then a big building.

PreFab Innovations is building these. 96 square foot 8x12 called a Pocket 96 and a 12x12 Pocket 144. Deliver, level, plug it in. Support it by mobile showers and restrooms. That’s it. We even have an financing and operational model to make it easy to start.

But the best part is… you don’t throw these away after this emergency passes. PreFab Innovations will convert them to permanent homes by adding our Pocket 288KB unit- a kitchen and bath model and NOW it becomes a 1 Bed/1Bath Permanent 432-480 square foot home. All of it built to CA code.

Check out the flyer!

Download PDF • 679KB

Learn More:

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