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Alt-Approach: Home

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

A safe place to call your home. Most of us are so used to it, we take it for granted.

At home you can:

1) Leave your stuff when you go out for the day. This has the added benefit of less trash, less theft, less donation needs.

2) Sleep in the same bed. Enough said, you and I get this already! I love my bed and don’t you love yours too?

3) Pets. The best companions for people. They can now sleep next to bed instead of a kennel!

4) Privacy. Enough said.

PreFab Innovations builds permanent homes like our Pocket 288KB to a 1400 sq ft cabin. All of it built to CA code. And it may not look like it from the outside, but there is a lot of hard tech in this construction. Industry changing construction.

The alt-approach is to create an approach to housing builds so much better that the people shopping for options fall in love with your offer. Once that occurs, housing shortages will correct.

Learn More:

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