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Stuck- Can’t keep living but don’t want to die.

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Have you ever felt this emotion? Some people have felt it and been redeemed; some people have never felt it and will not know the resulting hole and shallowness in their heart; others are stuck there RIGHT NOW! As I type this, they are hurting, a pain so emotional and deep that only groans and drugs make it better. I often get strange looks when I justify substance abuse by the trauma surrounding it. But if you ever get the chance to ask a former addict about my thoughts in this, you might just get an amen! Go for it, I dare you.

Daves Bottom Line for Impact: Create opportunities to cry in peace. Create a space where people can go lay their head, cry their brains out, rest and then come out to seek wise friendship and kinship. Communities are perfect for this!

More on this subject can be found in this video:

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