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  • Dave Clevenger

Alt-Approach: The Triple Bottom Line

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

What is the Triple Bottom Line?

It's more then money, although it involves money

It's more than charity, although it involves giving

It's more than programs, although it involces programming.

Here it is: a business should be Sustainable, Profitable, Good for Society - that's it. When it is done correctly it can transform the worst of circumstances into opportunties.

Did you notice, I did not say, no profit. I dont believe in non-profits. Even charitible organizations need to profit in their work. The excess revenue is just used differently.

Did you notice I said sustainable. At some point that great idea needs to exist without infusion and on its own product.

And this is the biggest one, good for society. Well run business is the GREAEST FORCE FOR GOOD in the world. It gives pay, belonging, purpose, training and socializing like nothing else.

So what? Stop waiting for the government to fix anything! Go support a business or run a good business and you will help save the planet, or at least the piece of it you live on.

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